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Do you have this kind of experience? sometimes you feel energetic and good spirit, sometimes you are lassitude, easily tired and depressive. why can two opposite phenomenon happen on same person? On the early 20th century, Professor of Psychology Herman Swoboda of Austria and Dr. Wilhelm Fliess of Germany decoded the secret through long time observation. Originally, there are a cycle of 23 days for physical rise-fall and a cycle of 28 days for emotional changes. Then Prof. Alfred Teltseher of Austria found a cycle of 33 days for intelligence after he observed scores from hundreds of students in middle school and university. these mentioned above are body biorhythm.


Colors of curved lines represent: red - physical; blue - emotion; black - intelligence. Curve high point means that you have good condition, curve low point shows bad mood. When every side of you is on peak, you will be highly effective; on the contrary, there is no big problem but you should take rest.

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